Visit Alexandria Staff

Visit Alexandria staff prides itself on answering questions and responding to comments from its members and the community. We're always ‘in the know' about current community news. Please do not hesitate to contact us whenever we can be of help. 

Alexandria Visitors Center at Ramsay House
221 King Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
Telephone - (703) 746-3301 or (800) 388-9119

Executive Offices
625 N. Washington Street, Suite 400
Alexandria, VA 22314
Telephone -  (703) 652-5369 or (800) 388-9119


Advertising sales reps should contact our agency of record, Harmelin Media | Lisa Reynolds at (484) 434-2548 or 


Patricia Washington

Patricia Washington, President & CEO 
(703) 652-5362 |  Email Patricia Washington 

Tom Kaiden

Tom Kaiden, Chief Operating Officer
(703) 652-5361 | Email Tom Kaiden

Tom's role is to ensure that "Extraordinary" is not just our brand, but an ethos of exceeding expectations that runs through everything we do both inside and outside of Visit Alexandria. He leads our planning, strategy and business development initiatives. Contact Tom for questions relating to partnerships, sponsorship, research, finance, and operations.

Melanie Fallon

Melanie Fallon, Visitors Services Manager 
(703) 746-3301 | Email Melanie Fallon

As manager of the Alexandria Visitors Center at Ramsay House, Melanie keeps the Visitor's Center Staff up to date on the latest happenings in Alexandria and is responsible for distribution of Visitors Guides and brochures.

Vito Fiore

Vito Fiore, Office Manager & Research Analyst
(703) 652-5364 | Email Vito Fiore

Vito can answer questions regarding the administration of the Visit Alexandria and can help you reach a staff member if he is not able to answer your question. He also tracks various metrics on behalf of the Visit Alexandria and its membership."

Megan Hosford

Megan Hosford, Sales Manager
(703) 652-5366 | Email Megan Hosford

Market Specialties: Megan is our "go to" gal for Alexandria associations and our "convention services" arm of the sales team. She also works closely with the tour and travel and SMERF markets.

Meredith Kirkpatrick

Meredith Kirkpatrick - Sasser, Membership & Promotions Manager 
(703) 652-5365 | Email Meredith Kirkpatrick

Meredith can help you with questions regarding Visit Alexandria membership and its benefits and can assist members in updating their information online including adding information to the Calendar of Events, Special Offers and adding images & logos to listings. She can answer questions about special promotions that take place in Alexandria throughout the year including Restaurant Week, Black Friday and more.

Lorraine Lloyd

Lorraine Lloyd, Senior VP of Sales
(703) 652-5360 | Email Lorraine Lloyd

Lorraine oversees and directs the group sales team promoting Visit Alexandria's "Meetings Made Extraordinary" program. The enthusiastic and dedicated team will tailor an experience uniquely yours and provide a customized toolkit to build attendance, welcome and dazzle your attendees and ensure a successful event. She also administers Visit Alexandria's international marketing efforts

Employee without Picture - man

Jacob Millington, CPA, Accounting (Contracted)
(703) 371-3310 | Email Jacob

President, Serenity Accounting

Kelsey Michael

Kelsey Michael, Communications Assistant & Writer
(703) 652-5363 | Email Kelsey Michael

Kelsey assists with journalist inquiries and image requests. Visit the Media & PR press room for more information. 

Claire Web

Claire Mouledoux, Director of Communications
(703) 652-5367 | Email Claire Mouledoux

Claire is the Visit Alexandria's liaison with journalists and can help with image requests. Be sure to visit the Media & PR press room for exciting new information from Alexandria. Advertising and marketing reps should contact Lisa Reynolds at our agency of record, Harmelin Media, at (484) 434-2548 or email LisaOur in-house advertising contact is Visit Alexandria CEO Patricia Washington at (703) 652-5362 or email Patricia.

Robin Roane

Robin D. Roane, CTE, CCTE, CMP, Senior Sales Manager
(703) 652-5372 | Email Robin Roane

Market Specialty: Associations. Robin's "At Your Service" attitude and knowledge of Alexandria will ensure that your meeting is a success. Robin will assist you with all of your meeting needs from the initial RFP to the farewell festivities and everything in between.

Alfonso Wright

Alfonso Wright, Digital Marketing Manager 
(703) 652-5371 | Email Alfonso Wright

Alfonso can help you with questions about the website, mobile site and Visit Alexandria digital assets.