Carlyle House

  • 121 N. Fairfax Street
  • Alexandria, VA 22314
  • PHONE:
  • (703) 549-2997
  • Details
    A grand hotel before the war, the building that once surrounded the Carlyle House was known as the Mansion House Hospital and could hold up to 700 sick and wounded soldiers.

    Nurse Mary Phinney described the constant flow of stretchers in and out of the hospital. The site’s Civil War history features many fascinating figures, including poet Walt Whitman, Confederate spy Frank Stringfellow, and Sarah Emma Edmonds, who disguised herself as a Union soldier.

    Here are some of the things you can learn here:

    • Discover the stories of the real nurses, doctors, spies and soldiers who are depicted on Mercy Street.
    • See Frank Stringellow’s spy supplies
    • View Civil War and Mansion House-specific artifacts
    • Understand Alexandria’s unique position as the longest-occupied Confederate city