George Washington Masonic National Memorial

  • 101 Callahan Drive
  • Alexandria, VA 22301
  • PHONE:
  • (703) 683-2007
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    In 1922, construction of the George Washington Masonic Memorial began on Shuter's Hill, which had played a significant historical role during the Civil War. There were two forts on the hill: Fort Dahlgren and Fort Ellsworth, which became part of the ring of more than 160 forts and batteries built to protect the capital. Shuter’s Hill was a commanding position, providing defense of the two major arteries, King and Duke streets. The outline of the northeast bastion of Fort Ellsworth is still visible on the grounds of the Memorial. The brochure "Shuter's Hill: A Wealth of History" published by Alexandria Archaeology museum, provides a summary of the history and archaeology of the site, based upon 13 years of research and excavation:
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