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Annual Report 2016 Cover

2016 Visit Alexandria Annual Report

At their annual meeting on September 19, 2016, Visit Alexandria announced the next evolution of its Extraordinary Alexandria brand through its new advertising campaign, “Alex and Andria,” with the tagline, “let’s get together.” The destination marketing organization unveiled the playful new campaign, which highlights the contrasts that make Alexandria unique while deeply reinforcing the brand name of the city. 

Reflecting on FY2016, Visit Alexandria shared that it had a banner year, noting record tourism revenues, local tax receipts, hotel occupancy, media coverage and web traffic for Alexandria.

  • $771 million in visitor spending produced:
    • $25.5 million in tax revenues for Alexandria
    • Supported 6,340 jobs in Alexandria
    • Saved each household more than $350 in taxes
  • 72.9% hotel occupancy (exceeding the national average of 65.5%)
  • $110 revenue per available room (highest ever)
  • 85,000 social media followers (+42%)
  • 1.88 million website visits to (+22%)
  • 925 total press stories (+4%)

View the Visit Alexandria 2016 Annual Report.

View the Visit Alexandria 2016 Annual Presentation.

Learn how the visitor economy supports Alexandria

To read our press release and check out our new ads, click here.

Visit Alexandria's 2017 LGBT Marketing Workshop

On August 24, 2017, Sara Stanton presented to members about the LGBT traveler, and how to be both welcoming and effective in their business's marketing efforts.

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Spring 2017 Lodging Outlook

On February 28, 2017, Tom Kaiden presented to the Alexandria Hotel Association meeting about the state of the lodging and tourism industries in Alexandria.

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"What's New in 2017?" Tourism Marketing Forum

On January 25, 2017, Visit Alexandria and its partners provided information on new initiatives, major openings, economic development, tourism research, and members-only marketing opportunities.

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LGBT Marketing Workshop

On November 2, 2016, Visit Alexandria held a workshop on welcoming and marketing to the LGBT community. Justin Ayars of Unite Virginia and Wirt Confoy of Virginia Tourism Corporation presented information to members and community partners at Virtue Feed & Grain in Alexandria.

View Justin Ayars' presentation

View Unite Virginia's LGBT Engagement Take-away Document

View Virginia Tourism Corporation's LGBT Tourism Resource Guide

View Visit Alexandria's LGBT Marketing Action Items

Alexandria City Academy

On September 15, 2016, Patricia Washington presented to Alexandria City Academy about the activities and structure of the organization.

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Hotels Outlook Fall 2016

On September 9, 2016, Vito Fiore presented to the Alexandria Hotel Association meeting about the state of the lodging industry in Alexandria and across the nation.

View the presentation Website Return on Investment Study

From 2014-2016, Visit Alexandria conducted a study of website visitors to determine the return on investment of the site. The study also revealed other information on how people use our website and their experience in visiting Alexandria.

During the 20 months of the study period (August 2014-March 2016), over 52,000 incremental trips were generated by the website, resulting in $32 million in additional visitor spending. Nearly 15,000 additional days were also spent in Alexandria on trips extended by the site's influence, resulting in almost $5 million in additional visitor spending. In total, this represents $42 in economic impact for each unique site visitor..

View the study.

Top 10 Insights from the 2016 Simpleview Summit

On June 20, 2016, Vito Fiore presented to Visit Alexandria's Board on the top digital marketing insights from the Simpleview Summit held in April in Tucson, Arizona.

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IPW Travel Trade Show Impact

On May 13, 2016, Theresa Belpulsi from Destination DC presented to Visit Alexandria and the Alexandria Hotel Association about the significance of the IPW Travel Trade Show that is being held in Washington, D.C. in 2017.

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Spring 2016 Hotels Outlook

On May 13, 2016, Vito Fiore presented to the Alexandria Hotel Association meeting about the state of the lodging and tourism industries in Alexandria.

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Alexandria 101 2016

On May 4, 2016, Patricia Washington presented a summary of Alexandria's offerings and tourism impact to front-line staff from Alexandria businesses.  This event was held in collaboration with the Alexandria Small Business Development Center.

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"Mercy Street" Marketing and Impact

Visit Alexandria produced a presentation to their Board of Governors as well as Alexandria City Council to explain the organization's marketing efforts related to the PBS drama "Mercy Street", as well as early results.

See the overview presentation here, as well as the early results presentation here.

Halo Effect of Destination Marketing on Economic Development Image

Longwoods Research conducted a study in 2015 of the impact of tourism marketing on a destination's economic development image.

View the presentation

"What's New in 2016" Marketing Forum

On January 14, 2016, Visit Alexandria provided information on PBS' new Civil War drama Mercy Street, new events and major openings, valuable tourism research, and members-only marketing opportunities. View the presentation

Advertising Effectiveness & Return on Investment (ROI) Study

In 2014, ACVA (now Visit Alexandria) commissioned a study with an independent research firm Destination Analysts to determine the return on investment for its advertising.  The study found that for every dollar of advertising, $171 was generated in incremental visitor spending, and $6 in tax revenue was generated for the City of Alexandria.  This $6-1 ratio was an improvement over the $4-1 ratio found in the 2010 study of a previous ACVA campaign.  See the full study here, which also includes other marketing insights on our visitors and our destination: 2014 Advertising Effectiveness Return on Investment Study.

2015 Annual Report

Our 2015 Annual Meeting was held on September 30, 2015 at the Hotel Monaco Alexandria. We shared a sneak peek of the the upcoming PBS drama “Mercy Street,” based in Civil War Alexandria and premiering on January 17, 2016, and provided a look at our marketing strategy that will leverage the unprecedented national spotlight on Alexandria’s heritage.

We also shared some numbers highlighting our activity in the past year:

  • $754 million in visitor spending in Alexandria produced $24 million in local tax revenues
  • Alexandria's lodging growth rate outpaced the average performance of its DC-area regional competitors in three key performance metrics:
    • Revenue per available room (+14.7% vs. +9.9%)
    • Average daily rate (+9.0% vs. +4.5%)
    • Occupancy (+5.2 % vs. +5.1%)
  • $5.9 million in meeting sales revenue (+7%)
  • 1.5 million website visits to (+37%)
  • 305 national and international media stories (+7%

View the Visit Alexandria 2015 Annual Report.

View the 2015 Annual Meeting Presentation.

2015 Alexandria Lodging Outlook

On September 21, 2015, Vito Fiore presented information on the state of the lodging industry in Alexandria and the outlook for the future.  See the presentation here.

Top 10 Insights from the 2015 Destination Marketing Association and Simpleview Summit Meetings

On July 20, 2015, Patricia Washington and Alfonso Wright presented insights from two recent conferences on marketing trends and technology.  See the presentation here,

2015 Summer Social and New Website Launch

On July 9, 2015, Visit Alexandria's members gathered to celebrate the launch of the new website and the kickoff of Live Music Week.  See the presentation here, which includes a tour of the new website.

Data Driven Marketing

On June 4, 2015, Visit Alexandria presented their approach to data-driven marketing at the City Department Heads meeting. See the presentation here.

Hotels and the Impact of Tourism

On April 27, 2015, Patricia Washington presented to "Agenda: Alexandria" on the impact of hotels and tourism.  See the presentation here.

African-American Heritage Tourism

On April 21, 2015, Patricia Washington presented to the Historic Alexandria Resources Commission on the topic of African-American Heritage Tourism.  See the presentation here.

"What's New in 2015" Marketing Forum

On January 29, 2015,Visit Alexandria unveiled a new name change, new events and major openings, valuable information from a research study, the annual contact calendar, and members-only marketing opportunities. View the presentation.

2014 Annual Meeting, Annual Report, and Advertising Effectiveness Study

On September 29, 2014, ACVA held its Annual Meeting at the Hilton Old Town. See the presentation, the 2014 Annual Report, and the 2014 Advertising Effectiveness Return on Investment Study.

2014 ABC Roadshow with VHTA

This June, in partnership with VHTA, the ACVA met with interested restaurateurs at Union Street Public House to hear about the new ABC laws that go into effect July 1st.  Click here for a copy of the presentation.

2013 Annual Report: A Year of Growth and Transition

A record year for tourism revenues. A record year for tax receipts. Expanded sales. Hundreds of media hits. A million web site visitors. A new strategy. A new CEO. 2013 was a very productive year. Read about it all in the 2013 Annual Report and check out our preview of what's ahead in 2014...

Strategies for an Economic Downturn

Helpful information from the Alexandria Small Business Development Center (SBDC).

Top 10 Insights from the Travel & Tourism Research Association Marketing Outlook Forum, Presentation to the Board - 11/18/13


FY 14 International Marketing Plan, Presentation to the Board - 11/18/13


ACVA Presentation to City Council Work Session - 9/24/13


Annual Presentation to the Board for Fiscal Year 2013 - 8/19/13