George Washington's Alexandria Tour

  • Dec 14, 2019
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  • (571) 243-1113
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  • $28
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    No other town is as associated with George Washington as Alexandria, and Washington considered it his hometown. He surveyed Alexandria’s streets as a teenager in 1749, and his public memorial services were held there fifty years later after his death. The tour visits churches, houses, taverns and other sites associated with the first president. It begins at Christ Church.

    On the occasion of 220th anniversary of the General's death (December 14, 1799), join author, historian and tour guide Garrett Peck as we explore Old Town’s charming alleyways, rustic taverns, eighteenth-century architecture, ice wells and waterfront. Bring your camera and good walking shoes; the route covers about 1.5 miles along alleyways and sidewalks. Tickets are on sale at the Alexandria Visitors Center (Ramsey House, 221 King Street) for $28 per person.

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George Washington's Alexandria Tour