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    Join us on an Old Town, Alexandria Military Walking Tour. Alexandria has been a focal point of our nation's wars from the French and Indian War through World War II. Visit key military sites in Old Town and learn the answers to the following questions:
    -What was the only state capitol that was not located in the state it was the capital of?
    -Where was George Washington eulogized as "First in war, first in peace, first in the hearts of his countrymen?"
    -Where did the first Civil War fatalities for the Union and Confederacy fall and who were they?
    -What's thought to be the only martial statue in the world where the warrior possesses no weapon?
    -What happened to the $200,000 that Augustine Washington deposited in 1859 for the sale of the Mount Vernon Estate?
    -Who was George Washington's doctor?
    -What private buildings were customarily used by both sides as hospitals during the Civil War?