Fetching Photos

  • 107 S. West Street
  • #731
  • Alexandria, VA 22314
  • PHONE:
  • (410) 507-7746
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    Whether it is a group of friends or colleagues, photography brings people together.  Private tours for groups will be designed around your team's interests, activity level, and photography experience.  

    With enough advance notice, we can stay put in one museum focusing on still life photography.  Or we can roam the city while you learn how to take action shots.  For the night owls, we can discover the beauty that awaits when the sun goes down and long exposure photography reveals images unseen by the human eye.  

    Whether your team is using Smartphone cameras or SLRs/CSCs, a program can be designed for you.  Contact me at info@fetching-photos.com to discuss your needs or find more information at www.fetching-photos.com.