Pilates ProWorks

  • 1103 Queen Street
  • Alexandria, VA 22314
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  • (703) 575-8206
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    Our Philosophy is simple: We say yes to variety, intensity, and quality. We are dedicated to offering accessible and efficient, total-body Pilates-based group fitness classes. We strive to deliver a kick-ass, quality experience for clients and keep them coming back for more.

    Consistency is at our core: Our twist on traditional methods keeps clients engaged while they achieve their fitness goals. Whether you need to sweat, sculpt, train or tone, Pilates ProWorks has something for you. 

    Pilates Pro: This amped up Pilates class combines resistance, lengthening, and strength training into a high-energy, music-fueled total body workout. You'll be in a small group, with everyone working, sweating on their own FitFormer™ machine. (Think Super-Duper-Reformer)

    matBox: A knock-out workout part Kickboxing, part Mat Pilates, and part Yoga. A Pilates ProWorks original, matBox is a powerful workout that starts with a round of high-intensity kickboxing with a punching bag. Then, the gloves come off and you hit the mat for a round of Pilates to strengthen your core. The final round incorporates Yoga to leave you aligned, balanced and fully invigorated. The result is a balanced mix of high-energy and focused intensity that tones, aligns and blasts calories.

    Pilates Classic: This more traditionally styled group reformer class is a full-body exercise that educates, realigns, and balances the body, which builds lean, flexible muscles. The Pilates Method increases coordination and improves body alignment and posture while relieving stress and tension. Don't be fooled, this slower quieter class is not "easier!"

    Tone & Flow: Power up, Pilates ProWorks style, with a vigorous flow between yoga and Pilates in this athletic combo class. Using a mix of familiar yoga postures and Pilates core strengthening moves, you will sculpt, tone, and flow your way to a strong body and a calm mind, while improving balance, flexibility, and stamina.

    Cardio Barre: An intensely paced full-body workout. It burns fat and increases stamina through a unique fusion of ballet barre work, cardio, Pilates core conditioning, and strength training. In this fun and challenging class you can expect to target your glutes, quads and calves at the barre, creating long, lean muscle mass. The Pilates matwork focuses on strengthening your abs, core and lower back as well as some light stretching exercises.


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