• 1103 Queen Street
  • Alexandria, VA 22314
  • PHONE:
  • (703) 567-4442
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    Find your fire. Move your body and ignite your mind with our Pilates, Boot camp, Yoga and Barre classes.

    Sculp'd is Alexandria's best high-intensity, full-body workout, in just 50 minutes. All of our small group fitness classes ensure hands-on focus and personalized attention to proper form and alignment. 

    Our signature Pilates workout uses our sculpdformer resistance machine demanding the most effective, low-impact workout you will every experience. Our instructors focus on controlled, resistance-based movement. The state-of-the-art sculpdformer works every muscle to failure, resulting in strong, long and lean muscle development within a safe and low-impact workout.

    Looking to shake up the week and your workouts? We got you. Hit the cardio side of the studio for a pumping bootcamp class that might have you hitting the boxing bags or hanging on our suspension straps for that extra hard burn.

    Love the tuck and pulse? Our weekend barre classes will make those thighs quake.

    Feel the need to chill out and find your center? Our yoga classes will drop your mind and body in a relaxed and meditative state.

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