ShadowLand Family Entertainment Center

  • 5508 Franconia Road
  • Springfield/Alexandria, VA 22310
  • PHONE:
  • (703) 921-1004
  • Details
    Strap on a light-weight, high-tech suit and enter the 7500 sq ft multi-level, fog-filled carpeted arena for the adventure of a lifetime! Ramps, catwalks, bridges and passageways are throughout the arena - making a one-of-a-kind landscape to get everyone moving and having fun! Choose a code name, learn details about the adventure and get your adrenaline flowing as you battle other teams as well as hardware elements in the arena to advance your individual and team scores in the adventure. At the end of each adventure, everyone gets a scorecard that details individual and team performance. Coupled with a debrief from your HR observer (optional, of course) you have created one of the most exciting, energetic activities in the DC area! Bus tours welcome - please call ahead if possible. GREAT activity after a long day in the museums and monuments. Phenomenal activity for birthday parties - private party rooms available parties - private party rooms available.
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  • Meeting Facilities
    • Meeting Facilities
      ShadowLand has multiple private events rooms. If you want meeting rooms without the cost, we're your venue. We also have team-building activities right on-site. After your meetings, spend an extra hour or so adding an exceptionally fun and effective team event - laser adventure. Choose a 'code-name' and put on a high-tech light-weight suit and handset. Enters the huge 7500sf multi-level, carpeted, fog-filled arena as part of a team. Exhaustive and exhilarating! At the end, everyone gets a detailed scorecard outlining their individual and team performance. A phenomenal 'whole-group' experience ! You Tube video :
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      The meeting rooms are 250sf. Several can be combined for a larger, classroom or boardroom layout. Eleven private party rooms in all PLUS a large reception area for spreading out. Why pay the high price of hotel or conference center when your group can meet at ShadowLand at a fraction of the price PLUS, while everyone is there, add that stress-reducing, fun, team-building event that you've been promising. Laser Adventures are fun, exciting and measurable. See which team organizes their priorities and executes them the best - scorecards at the end tells you who won and who lost.
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