ShadowLand Family Entertainment Center

  • 5508 Franconia Road
  • Alexandria, VA 22310
  • PHONE:
  • (703) 921-1004
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    ShadowLand is Alexandria's 20,000 sqft indoor fun center, located just outside Old Town. Open 7 days a week year round. Multiple entertainment attractions provide plenty of group and individual experiences for your next night out. Start out in the region's best laser adventure arena. The 7500sqft multi-level landscape of towers, turrets, bridges and catwalks provide the areas only truly 3D play field. Misty fog, specialty music and lighting come together to provide a sensory experience unlike anything else. Choose your 'codename' for the game, get briefed on your adventures, suit up and then get busy in the arena setting your strategy to improve your ranking in the game and to help your team win. After, everyone in the game gather together to receive individual scorecards which lists everyone by their codename while detailing individual and team performances.  After wiping your brow, step into the distant past, putter in hand, and pass through the gates of the Dark Tower Glow Golf course. Thirteen challenging mini golf holes await, all a-glow and themed with props reminiscent of a cross between Harry Potter and Game of Thrones. Who will come out under par? Finally, round out your night by charging up a Power Card and enter the MegaArcade with 40 of the newest interactive arcade units. Earn e-tickets as you play and redeem them after for fun prizes at the redemption counter. While in the arcade, try your hand at the "mission-impossible' inspired Lazer Maze Room.  Push back the drapes, cross the threshold, and tap the "GO" button. Contort your body as you weave yourself through a labyrinth of criss-crossing laser beams to get to the other side as fast as possible to hit the "ACHIEVED" button. Break a beam along the way and you're penalized 30seconds!  See who's most nimble among your friends and family to get through the maze in fastest time.

    Bus tours and corporate groups up to 250 people are welcome.

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    • Meeting Facilities
      ShadowLand has multiple private events rooms. If you want meeting rooms without the cost, we're your venue. We also have team-building activities right on-site. After your meetings, spend an extra hour or so adding an exceptionally fun and effective team event - laser adventure. Choose a 'code-name' and put on a high-tech light-weight suit and handset. Enters the huge 7500sf multi-level, carpeted, fog-filled arena as part of a team. Exhaustive and exhilarating! At the end, everyone gets a detailed scorecard outlining their individual and team performance. A phenomenal 'whole-group' experience ! You Tube video :
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      The meeting rooms are 250sf. Several can be combined for a larger, classroom or boardroom layout. Eleven private party rooms in all PLUS a large reception area for spreading out. Why pay the high price of hotel or conference center when your group can meet at ShadowLand at a fraction of the price PLUS, while everyone is there, add that stress-reducing, fun, team-building event that you've been promising. Laser Adventures are fun, exciting and measurable. See which team organizes their priorities and executes them the best - scorecards at the end tells you who won and who lost.
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