Soap Making Class

  • Market Square
  • 301 King Street
  • Alexandria, VA 22314
  • PHONE:
  • (703) 371-6802
  • Details

    Make a soap in the Truly-Life garden! Truly-Life soap making class for four participants provides the history and complete process. Soap is made by one of three methods – we use the cold process. Participants will see the modifications our business has made over the years to produce consistent product results. Basic understanding will prepare attendees to be able to create some holiday gifts or even launch their own small business.

    Each Truly-Life soap bar is hand cut with a large kitchen knife. This allows each bar soap to be unique. Attendees will cut and package bars of soap and take three bars home at the end of the one hour class.

    Class agenda includes:

    • Soap making history
    • Walk through of process
    • Cutting and packaging
    • Three bar soaps to take home for each person

    Additional class options include:

    • Bring items to insert in soap, such as herbs from your own garden (note: you would not be able to take that soap with you on the day of the class)
    • Bring your own adult beverages
    • Bring a picnic to enjoy in the garden after class

    Class is presented by Mellenie. Advance scheduling is required. Class will not involve any direct contact with sodium hydroxide, however sodium hydroxide will be explained and present.

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