Wine & Wisdom Wednesdays

Wine & Wisdom Wednesdays are exclusive to industry designated planners (i.e.,CMP, CTE, CGMP) and a great opportunity for small group networking with like-minded professionals in a casual setting.

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Wine & Wisdom Wednesday's (Invitation Only*)
5:00pm - 7:00pm 

October 4 l Society Fair
November 1 | Society Fair
December 6 | Society Fair 
Society Fair | 277 South Washington Street | Alexandria, VA 22314

Top 5 Reasons You Should Join Us For Wine & Wisdom

   5. Traffic - EVERYONE in DC goes to work on Wednesdays, so come, have a glass of wine and wait out the traffic with friends.

   4. Wine - Who doesn't need a glass of wine in the middle of the week?

   3. Wisdom -  Of course this goes hand and hand with wine, right?

   2. Fun - Socialize with like-minded professionals in a casual and fun environment

   And the number 1 reason you should join us...

   1. Free - If those four reasons didn't get you excited, remember, the drinks and snacks are on us!   

For more information contact:
Robin Roane, CTE, HMCC, CMP I 703-652-5372

 *Exclusive to industry designated planner professionals or those currently enrolled in an industry designation/certification program.