Post-Cons & Economic Value

Know the value of your event with Visit Alexandria's Event Impact Calculator.

As planners, you know the meeting is not over with the final general session or when the last attendees hails a cab and heads for the airport. Most meetings are not concluded until the post-con meeting is conducted with the major players of your event.

An integral participate of the meeting is, of course, the hotel, which will focus on their facility and performance. But there is more to meetings than the hotel. As destination experts, Visit Alexandria will sit at the table and play a key role in providing input and recommendations, and if necessary, solutions to any obstacles.

But that's not all. In addition to the meeting logistics, a planner should walk away from the table armed with the true value of their meeting - all the information encompassing direct and indirect spending to use as a tool for their next negotiations.

Working with Destination Marketing Association International (DMAI), Visit Alexandria offers this assistance, through the certified Event Impact Calculator, the official industry standard for measuring the economic value of an event and calculating its return on investment to local taxes. Developed in partnership with Tourism Economics, an Oxford Economics company, the calculator measures the economic value of an event in terms of sales, jobs, wages and taxes.

Our team will ensure that upon your departure from Alexandria you'll not only leave with "kudos and at-a-boys," but valuable information to take back to your leadership along with all the ammunition necessary to assist in your future negotiations. Let our team show you the value of your Alexandria event.

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