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Communicating Economic Impact of Meetings & Events
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(EIC Clock Hour Approved .75 - Domain A: Strategic Planning)

Are you measuring, communicating and leveraging the economic impact of your meetings and events? Learn the importance of having comprehensive economic impact data and analyses to quantify the economic significance of meetings and events in major destination cities, allowing for comparisons across selected destinations.  Using yearly & quarterly historical data and economic projections, market intelligence, and demographic trends (such as the impact of the “sharing economy”) allows users to measure economic impact, room night demand, visitor expenditure, vendor spend, and tax revenue generation at the state, county, and city level.  Strategic market insights and projections are presented in a clear and accessible manner to facilitate communication of the value of the event.


  • A wide range of factors (economic and demographic) can be measured to build a clear picture of economic impact
  •  It is possible and important to use unbiased data from transparent sources to accurately estimate and compare economic impacts in prospective destinations
  • An understanding of macroeconomic, market, and demographic trends allows meeting planners to better communicate their value-add

John SparicoJohn Sparico, CMP
VP, Business Development

Prior to joining ShowScore LLC (a TMS company) as new the Vice President of Business Development, John assisted organizations such as Oracle and DC based start-up Social Tables undergo a dramatic and positive transformation by generating new revenue growth as a result of product initiatives, improved client relationship strategies and the acquisition of early adopted enterprise partners.

By working within some of the top resorts, hotels and DMOs in the hospitality industry, John has a diverse background in sales and marketing with extensive experience in client communications and event management. He obtained his CMP designation in 2001. John holds a Bachelor's degree in Speech Communications from Penn State University.



Portia Hunt

Portia Hunt

Portia is an economist with 10 years' experience.  She has worked and published with the United Nations, the Economist Intelligence Unit, USAID, and other organizations.  She holds a bachelor's degree from Rutgers University and a master's degree from Columbia University.