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Past Webinar | Friday, August 21, 2020 | 1:00PM EST

Creating What's Next
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The pressure of this moment is intense. We are all facing make or break decisions under COVID-19 that will determine our businesses’ future. Our members, employees, their families and our own families are counting on us to get it right. Information is incomplete and ever-evolving. Often, the situation is described as “unprecedented”. 

Join us from 10:00 am-Noon on Friday, August 21 to meet this moment and participate in a complimentary leadership workshop created exclusively for local  business leaders. On that morning, The Leadership Collection at Alexandria™ will present a 2-hour on-line convening of  business and association leaders that examines our heritage of innovation, cultivates our imperative of diversity, and inspires our path forward for 2020.  

The Leadership Collection at Alexandria is a collaboration of three national caliber leadership institutes located in Alexandria: The George Washington Leadership Institute at Mount Vernon, Building Momentum and The McChrystal Group. Our time together will include three 40-minute sections led by each of the three partners:

George Washington Leadership Institute at Mount Vernon—“Power is Not Absolute”
By relinquishing power, our first president actually became more powerful. Washington was a slave holder, yet encouraged diverse thinking. Today, in an era when absolutes are easy, but ambiguities are real life, what can we learn and apply from Washington’s legacy of situational leadership?

Building Momentum—“Get Your Hands Dirty”
No one likes to sit still for two hours. In this middle segment, you’ll strip off the earbuds, turn up the volume, and invent a hands-on solution. All too often as leaders we seek to refine the model that we’ve already built. And that refinement works well in times of stability. But in times of disarray, we need the courage and vision to start fresh. Building Momentum will guide us through an exercise to shake us up and shake off the cobwebs of convention.

McChrystal Group—“Battle Tested”
Retired 4-star General Stanley McChrystal, author of “Team of Teams” and “Leaders: Myth and Reality” is an Alexandria resident and founder of the McChrystal Group. Most recently the firm released “Operating in Crisis: A Leader’s Guide”. Partner, Will Smith, will share McChrystal’s battle-tested approach of rapidly leading the behavioral and process changes to build and maintain a culture of trust, candor, and performance in a distributed workforce.

Sponsored by:  Visit Alexandria, Alexandria Chamber ALXd Alexandria Economic Development Partnership
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