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Harnessing the Power of Augmented and Virtual Reality for Events
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VR and AR are commonly known for gaming but company’s like Brightline Interactive have been paving the way for the technology to become a new and exciting way to add an experiential element to events. Learn how virtual and augmented reality technology is revolutionizing the event industry.

Webinar takeaways to learn how to:

  • Help venues market their space to event planners by allowing the planners to physically move around in the space and customize the layout of the venue to visually see how the venue fits their event needs, without ever needing to set foot in the space.
  • Reduce logistics pains and costs for trade show exhibitors by allowing them to effectively showcase an immense product line or large equipment in a small expo booth space.
  • Bring immediate and long-lasting engaging experiences to the audience by allowing the them to not just watch the brand message, but to experience it in the most immersive communication medium in the world.

Tyler GatesTyler Gates
Managing Principle, Brightline Interactive
DC Chapter President, VR/AR Association (VRARA)

Tyler Gates is an entrepreneur and highly effective business developer. At age 22, he founded his first digital company and has launched four additional companies since then. Tyler joined Brightline Interactive as the Director of Business Development, where his background in corporate communication and interpersonal psychology quickly complemented his natural ability to interact with clients. He rapidly expanded Brightline's client base and increased revenue, thereby earning a new title, Managing Principal, just four short years later. His creative mind and keen business sense have allowed him to effectively understand the needs of his clients and transform that into tangible, feasible concepts and ideas. His passion is bringing people closer to the brands and things they love through creative technology.