LGBTQ Meetings - Diversity & Inclusion

Recorded on Wednesday, December 13, 2017

LGBT Meetings - Diversity & Inclusion | Knowledge and Resources
EIC Clock Hour Approved - CMP IS Domain: F Stakeholder Management

Recorded Webinar


Sara StantonPlanner and suppliers alike are responsible for ensuring their attendees feel welcome. Diversity and inclusion are key to the success of any meeting/event. So how do you know what you don’t know? Join us to learn tips and takeaways on:

  • How to Plan an LGBT-Friendly Meeting or Event
  • State Laws & Policies
  • Marketing Tips for the LGBT Delegate
  • Best Practices for Hotel Sales and the LGBT Community
  • Working with CVB's and Hotels"

Sara Stanton, Visit Alexandria
As Visit Alexandria’s LGBT Program Leader, Sara launched Visit Alexandria’s LGBT initiative, which has elevated the city’s reputation as a top-ranked LGBT-friendly destination in Virginia and the D.C. region. Each year, the Human Rights Campaign puts out their Municipality Equality Index ratings for cities across the country to be scored on LGBT equality. For the second consecutive year, Alexandria was ranked #2 in Virginia and are also given a special "All Star" designation by the HRC.