Mercy Street Inspired Guided Tours

Alexandria has some extraordinary Mercy Street inspired tours for those who prefer an in-depth and personalized experience. Visit the historic sites where the real-life soldiers, doctors and nurses depicted in the series lived out divided loyalties and moral dilemmas during the longest Union occupation of any Confederate city.

Freedom's Fight in Alexandria This guided walking tour on the streets of Old Town will give participants insight into Alexandria's pre-civil war history of urban slavery. Learn More ›
Discovering Mercy Walking Tour Visitors will discover facts about Civil War medicine and nursing, the real Green family, and the historical context of the Union’s occupation. Learn More ›
Mercy in Alexandria Tour Accompany a trained military historian through Civil War era Alexandria and learn the actual history behind the TV show. Learn More ›
The Mercy Walk Get a feel for what it was like to live in an occupied city during the Civil War. Walk this way ›
Women of Civil War Alexandria Tour Explore the stories of a diverse group of women and their experiences living in Civil War Alexandria. Learn more ›
Beyond the Battlefield Historic Walking Tour See locations and stories associated with soldiers, citizens, and the enslaved, including the occupation of Alexandria and emancipation. Learn more ›
Apothecary of Mercy Specialty Tour Explore this family-owned apothecary that stayed in business through Alexandria’s occupation during the Civil War. Learn more ›
This Tide of Wounded This special tour of the museum and grounds highlights the Lee-Fendall House’s role as a hospital during the Civil War. Learn more ›