Hooray for Books!: Curbside Pickup and Reduced Shipping

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    While Hooray for Books! is closed to browers, the bookstore is pleased to offer the following services:

    Curbside pickup: Order via phone, then stop as near to the store as possible. Call 703-548-4092 a few minutes before you plan to pick up your order, so we’ll have it ready to run out to your car.

    Reduced shipping charges: For customers who are staying home, we’re happy to share the cost of shipping your items. For all domestic orders through at least April 1, the cost will be $4 + $1 for each additional item.

    We’ll continue to offer our personal shopper services, as well as use our social media to share staff picks and new releases.

    These services will be available until at least April 1, 2020.

    Hooray for Books! is Alexandria’s only locally owned, independent children’s bookstore offering a wide selection of new and classic books, toys, and book-related gifts for children of all ages (yes, even teens and adults).

    Offers are subject to change as the situation evolves. Please see each business’s individual website for the latest information.  

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