The Dog Park: Curbside Pickup & Delivery, Chester's Pet Pantry Program

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    Please know that while The Dog Park loves to see you and your pet in the store, you always have the ability to order and pay over the phone to avoid unnecessary contact. The Dog Park has a loading zone available until 6 p.m. daily in front of our store and can bring your order out to you. There are a lot of foods you may feed we do not carry but we will absolutely order it for you or your friends and family if you need it. Delivery is also available upon request. 

    Do you know anyone who has been effected by the COVID-19 epidemic and is having a hard time providing for their pet, or have you been personally effected? The Dog Park is proud to be a pet store that is cherished by pets and their owners. That’s why we have now opened Chester’s Pet Pantry. If you find that you could use a little assistance, please email or call 703-888-2818 and ask about Chester’s Pet Pantry. All we want is for you and your pet to stay together. Chester’s Pet Pantry is possible by a generous donation of a fellow Alexandria pet owner.

    This offer will be available until further notice.

    At The Dog Park, Dogs and cats are welcome at our spacious, airy shop located on King and Washington Streets. "Park" yourself here for the best selection of unique items for your unique dog or cat! Great lines of whimsical collars, distinctive bowls, diverse toys, charming clothing and all-natural gourmet treats, plus skincare, beds and accessories in a hip retail space. Many goods made here in USA. Your pets back home will bark or purr with delight!

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