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Alexandria Film Permits

COVID-19 Operating Status: The Film Office is accepting and reviewing applications. Permits will be issued on a case-by-case basis depending on the availability of City staff and resources to facilitate filming in the City of Alexandria.

Film Contact: Elissa Staley at or (703) 652-5352

Visit Alexandria coordinates applications and permits on behalf of the City of Alexandria for filming that takes place on public property. Drone and aerial photography requests are also routed through the Film Office.

Location: Before contacting the Film Office and submitting an application, please ensure your project occurs within the City of Alexandria and will involve public property. Please Note: Some portions of Alexandria are under the jurisdiction of Fairfax County. Find contact information for the appropriate film liaisons here.

Deadlines: All film applications should be submitted at least six business days in advance to allow for processing. This time is necessary to contact appropriate City officials for approval and to allow for the submission of additional permits, if applicable. Please note that supplemental permits may require a minimum of five business days or more. Once the application submission and review process is completed, your certificate of insurance has been received, and your application and permit fees have been received, your permit will be issued.

Costs: The following fees are in effect:

  • Film Application Processing Fee - $30. Payment for the review and processing of your application. Those based in the U.S. can use the online payment system. For those based outside of the U.S., please contact Melanie Fallon at (703) 838-4725 to arrange payment.
  • Film Permit - $100. *After* your application has been processed and your film project is approved, this fee covers the issue of your permit and guidance in navigating City departments to address any other potential requirements. Those based in the US can use the online payment system. For those based outside of the U.S., please contact Melanie Fallon at (703) 838-4725 to arrange payment.
  • Additional costs may be incurred for reserved parking, street and sidewalk closures and security.

Liability Insurance: Commercial general liability insurance in the amount of $1 million is necessary for all shoots on City property. The City of Alexandria (301 King Street Alexandria, VA 22314) must be named as the certificate holder and as additional insured and recommended coverage are as follows when applicable:    

General Liability – $1M Each Occurrence / $2M Aggregate
Automobile Liability – $1M Combined Single Limit (BI/PD)
Workers’ Compensation Insurance – Statutory
Employers Liability Insurance – $1M
Excess Liability Insurance – at least $5M Occurrence/Aggregate (Excess of General Liability, Automobile Liability & Employers Liability)
Cyber Liability Insurance – at least $10M Each Claim/Aggregate
Drone/Unmanned Aircraft System – at least $5M Each Occurrence Limit

The insurance certificate must be received by us before your permit will be issued. It may be submitted by email to or mailed to the address below:

Visit Alexandria
ATTN: Elissa Staley
625 N. Washington St., #400
Alexandria, VA 22314

Resources: Visit the Virginia Film Office website as a resource for production services.

Special Considerations

Some film projects require more time for permitting, supplemental permits or other considerations.

  • Still Photography: Still photography does NOT require a Film Permit through Visit Alexandria. However, still photography may require other permits from the City of Alexandria depending on the location and scope of the project.
  • B-roll: Requires the submission of a film permit for b-roll or other quick shots in public space.
  • Multiple Locations: Film projects with multiple locations within Alexandria may require a longer lead time than the typical six business day submission deadline.
  • Carlyle Neighborhood: Filming in any areas of the Carlyle neighborhood require an additional approval from the Carlyle Council that meets monthly.
  • UAS (drone) Filming: Approval for drones is extremely rare and on a case-by-case basis. The City of Alexandria is situated within Washington, DC’s Special Flight Rules Area (SFRA) and is also in close proximity to Reagan National Airport. Obtaining a waiver from the FAA for drone filming in the City of Alexandria is a lengthy process that requires at least one month for City review and approvals at the federal level.
  • Filming in City Parks: Film projects that occur in City Parks must first apply following the Film Permit process outlined below, and then submit a supplemental Park Film Permit and Park filming fee. This requires a longer lead time than the standard Film Permit timeline.
  • Private Property: Filming on private property must be arranged with property owners separately and is NOT covered by this application and permit. However, please let us know about your filming plans, so we can update various City departments in case there are public inquiries.

Questions? Contact Elissa Staley at or (703) 652-5352.

City of Alexandria Film Permit Application


  1. Carefully review the Film Permits page for information about filming in Alexandria and the application and permit process.
  2. Pay the Film Application Processing Fee of $30 at this link.
  3. Complete the application below.

Complete the application as accurately and detailed as possible to make the process go as quickly as possible. You will be contacted within 1 business day and notified of the status of the permit and if any additional permitting will be required. 

General Information

Production Details

(exact street locations)

(story line, description of shoot)

(generator, lighting, trailers, port-a-potties)

(number of people involved)

Reserved Parking

Visit the City of Alexandria website for current parking reservation prices. NOTE: The submission of this information does not guarantee reserved parking. Once the film permit application is reviewed by the Film Committee, a separate parking permit must be submitted by the film maker no less than 5 business days before the date of filming. 

(street address or meter numbers found inside glass)

Street Closings

Street closings require police officers for traffic direction and control, incurring additional fees.

Sidewalk Closing

Sidewalks must remain open unless filming or safety concerns require closure, incurring additional fees.



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