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African American History

Nestled between the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture in Washington, D.C., and George Washington’s Mount Vernon with its groundbreaking exhibition, “Lives Bound Together: Slavery at George Washington’s Mount Vernon,” Alexandria is the perfect place to stay to explore the region’s rich African American history. Plus, Alexandria itself is a city steeped in African American history since its founding in 1749. To walk through the streets of Alexandria is to walk through America’s timeline of African American history from colonial times to the Civil War and from Civil Rights to today.

Take a Driving Tour Discover Alexandria’s wealth of African American historic sites by taking this eight-site abbreviated driving tour. Start Exploring ›
Join a Guided Cultural Heritage Tour Explore Alexandria’s extensive African American history through curated heritage tours presented by Manumission Tour Company. Learn More ›
Visit Alexandria’s Black History Museum Originally the segregated library for Alexandria's African American residents, the museum documents the contributions of Black America. Learn More ›
Explore Public Art on the Waterfront On display late March to November 2020, Wrought, Knit, Labors, Legacies by Olalekan Jeyifous frames Alexandria’s African American history. Learn More ›
Learn About Juneteenth with Alexandria’s Black History… Learn more about Juneteenth and its connection to Alexandria from Audrey Davis, director of Alexandria's Black History Museum. Learn More ›
See Alexandria’s Contrabands & Freedmen Cemetery Visit this memorial to learn about the 1,800 African Americans who fled to Union-occupied Alexandria to escape bondage and were buried here. Learn More ›
Discover Must-See Historic Sites Alexandria has been a city steeped in African American history since its founding in 1749. Learn More ›
Unlock Alexandria’s History Take advantage of Alexandria’s Key to the City attractions pass, which provides access to 9 historic sites in Alexandria plus other discounts. Start Exploring ›

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