Alexandria Tours

Finding the best way to see the city is as easy as picking your passion in Alexandria, Virginia. History buffs explore colonial sites or follow lantern-carrying guides through graveyards for haunting tales of the city’s past. Foodies get a taste of the town with Old Town Food Tours, families gear up for adventure with Mount Vernon by Bike & Boat, and sightseers board water taxis and river cruises for a leisurely view of D.C. monuments.

Want to choose your own adventure? Follow our self-guided tours of Old Town, Alexandria’s African-American history, Mount Vernon and more. Use our Key to the City attractions pass to unlock Alexandria’s rich culture and history for a great deal.

History and Ghost Tours Around every corner in Old Town Alexandria lie stories, secrets and spirits (of both the spooky and boozy varieties). Learn More ›
Bike Tours Bring or rent a bike and coast along the scenic Potomac waterfront. Take a Spin ›
Join a Guided Cultural Heritage Tour Explore Alexandria’s extensive African American history through curated heritage tours presented by Manumission Tour Company. Learn More ›
Discover Alexandria Niche Tours From a guided sweets tour to a running tour to a boutiques tour, enjoy a one-of-a-kind walking tour. Learn More ›
Boat Tours Take a cruise of the Potomac, head into D.C. or visit the first president’s home. Bon Voyage ›
Carpe DC Food Tours Learn about Alexandria and D.C. neighborhood through food as you embark on an enticing journey of cuisine and culture. Bon Appétit ›
DC Metro Food Tours Sample a variety of delicious specially made dishes from local restaurants as you learn about the colorful past of this unique area. Bon Appétit ›
Purchase a Key to the City Attractions Pass See history where it happened with our attractions pass that offers access to 9 historic sites and more. Unlock History ›
Self-Guided Tours Pace yourself on walking tours of Old Town, driving tours of Alexandria’s African-American historic sites and more. Learn More ›